Colour Contrast Check Tool

“Color is one of the most important elements of your brand identity. Just think of the blue in Facebook or the black and white theme in UBER. If you’ve developed a strong color story for your brand, stick with it. There is nothing more disorienting to a user then suddenly feeling like he or she has entered a different product space in the UI. Material Design provides a simple, smart approach to building harmonious color stories, regardless of whether you use the palette or apply your own color story to the system. The key is the way in which color is applied to the UI. ” – By Rachel Been and Viktor Persson

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How it works?

The Colour Contrast Check Tool allows to specify a foreground and a background colour and determine if they provide enough of a contrast “when viewed by someone having color deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen”[W3C].

The tool will indicate that the colours pass the test if both the colour difference and the brightness difference exceed their threshold. It will indicate that it sort of passes if only one of the two values exceed their threshold. And finally, it’ll fail to pass if neither value exceeds its threshold.

The tool will also indicate if the colours pass the newer WCAG 2.0 contrast ratio formula. The WCAG 2.0 formula differentiates between text smaller than 18pt text larger than 18pt (or text that is bold and larger than 14pt). For AA compliance, text should have a ratio of at least 4.5:1 (larger text, at least 3:1). For AAA compliance, text should have a ratio of at least 7:1 (larger text, at least 4.5:1).

You can enter a three character value (eg: 036) and it’ll automatically convert it to it’s six character version.